Tedesco Country Club

Tremendous growth over many years led Tedesco Country Club to initiate a planning study and design for a new clubhouse to satisfy the requirements of their expanding membership.

Similar to the original clubhouse, the design called for a “natural shingle style” structure, pitched roofs, double hung windows and a slate roof combined with a massing strategy that creates a comfortable, residential feel. The new building occupies the same footprint as the demolished existing building on the site, but it is oriented differently to provide better views of the course from both the inside and outside dining areas. It was also sited to alleviate safety issues with the 3rd tee while still being connected to the first tee. The building embraces the steeply sloped site and melds seamlessly with the landscape.

The program includes a large patio and a permanent tent that is contiguous to the main facility. Green building strategies were incorporated into the design to lower energy/operational costs.

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