Harvard Business School-Esteves Hall


LEED Certification

Esteves Hall is one of three main residences and executive education centers at the Harvard Business School where participants live, learn, and collaborate with each other to further their professional experience. Constructed in 1970 and last renovated in 1986, Esteves Hall’s newest renovations have elevated the spaces within to be on par with other modern facilities on the HBS campus. The renovations and reconfigurations are designed to meet the current executive education program needs, improve opportunities for social interaction and collaboration among participants and provide a quality of interior environment consistent with the newly renovated and constructed facilities serving the same functions.

As the campus of the Harvard Business School has grown and added other buildings to serve the executive education program, a new entry sequence to the south of the existing structure better integrates Esteves into the core of the executive education campus. 

The main-level function spaces include reception and building lounge spaces, program staff offices and supporting kitchen and storage spaces. The renovations for these spaces include rich and durable finishes, and furniture configurations that encourage participant collaboration in small and large groups. Catering support and equipment add flexibility to the large lounge during registration, class breakout time, and after program get-togethers. A newly designed exterior courtyard, integrated with the interior lounge provides an extension of this meeting space.

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