345 Harrison - Interiors

Located in the heart of Boston’s South End, 345 Harrison is a new 585-unit apartment complex comprised of two 14- and 13-story residential towers, Washington and Harrison, and 30,000 square feet of ground floor retail. Inviting and sophisticated, 345 Harrison reknits and revitalizes neighborhood connections and amiability with street level retail, green space, while offering unmatched opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

An elongated, glass-fronted lobby/multifunctional space unites the two buildings and spans the length of the courtyard. Inside, a series of distinctive amenity spaces with an emphasis on flexibility and the integration high quality, original artwork create a lively, inviting destination where a diverse mix of residents and visitors can feel at home. Visible from the courtyard, a dramatic bronze sculpture above the concierge area creates a defining landmark of arriving home. Resulting from an artistic collaboration, the piece is comprised of gently faceted contours, featuring interactive lighting that brightens and fades in sync with live wind-pattern data. Curated art programming extends to the mezzanine stairs, where iron nails welded into botanical shapes dissipate into graceful wisps, as if blowing with the wind. Together, the two pieces introduce a creative convergence of seemingly opposing elements – geometric and organic forms, polished and authentic materials, urban and refined styles – creating a unique and dynamic space that reflects the distinct style of the up-and-coming neighborhood while offering an impactful contribution to the community aesthetic.

Flexible glass walls, movable furniture, and a convertible mesh dividing screen enhance the lobby’s functionality throughout the ground floor and mezzanine, accommodating everything from retail pop-ups to private parties to generous community workspaces. CBT was both the base building architect and the designer of interior spaces.

Link to the full project here.

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