Analysis Group




LEED Certification


Workplace Locations Designed


Prototype Established


2014 First Place, Office Under 30,000 SF, IIDA New England Interior Design Awards (Washington, D.C.)

2011 First Place, Office 30,000-80,000 SF, IIDA New England (Boston)

2009 First Prize, Office Under 20,000 SF, IIDA New England Interior Design Awards (New York)

Boston Globe Article: Best Places to Work

CBT continues to work on substantial office expansions and test fit studies for Analysis Group, a global consulting firm, to determine relocation growth and relocation options to meet the company’s growth trajectory. The goal of each of these projects is to utilize design to inspire creative thinking. A signature expression for each of the 11 locations reflects and responds to the unique character and culture of each city while maintaining a strong brand image.

Each design respects Analysis Group's need for focused private, independent workspaces, while also promoting collaboration with informal meeting areas and workrooms. Establishing a programming prototype, the team utilized unconventional methods – 100% private offices are a standard that has been implemented firm-wide. The office configurations are designed to lighten interior spaces with the extensive use of glass, preserving pricey while maximizing natural light.