Analysis Group

Ten years ago, CBT's design team completed the Boston headquarters for Analysis Group on two floors comprising 50,000 square feet of 111 Huntington Avenue in the heart of Boston. As the company has grown and evolved, the Boston team uncovered the need to adapt its office space. The phased design and construction effort has resulted in more than 125,000 additional square feet over four more floors of the building. The client’s objective was to retain the strong analytical and social culture that defines their brand, while reinforcing the strong support Analysis Group offers its employees through the built space.  Read More

CBT continues to work on substantial office expansions and test fit studies for Analysis Group, a global consulting firm, to determine relocation growth and relocation options to meet the company’s growth trajectory. The goal of each of these projects is to utilize design to inspire creative thinking. A signature expression for each of the 11 locations reflects and responds to the unique character and culture of each city while maintaining a strong brand image. Read More

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