CTF Center for the Performing Arts


Recital Hall


Black Box Theater


End-Stage Theater

The design of the CTF’s new Performing Arts Center reflects the convergence of creative goals at the heart of teaching music, theatre, and dance. Performance spaces are grand and theatrical yet intimate and scaled to meet the needs of young performers. Students with no background in the arts will be comfortable as they learn public speaking and the discipline of working in ensembles, but the most accomplished student artists will be challenged here too. 

A dynamic core of public space welcomes audiences into the concert hall and the main theatre, but the heart of the building is its backstage network of highly specialized rooms: music studios for large and small ensembles, practice spaces for individual instruction, carefully proportioned dance studios, a sophisticated studio theatre, along with the shops and support spaces that make the performing arts work.  The detailing of the spaces embodies principles honed over centuries, yet the latest performance technology is everywhere; and the building will adapt as technology continues to evolve. 

Many of the most important details are invisible to the audiences and guests who visit the center.  The resilient basket-weave dance floor construction, the acoustical detailing of walls and ceilings, the digital equipment for stage lighting, sound, and recording ― are all woven behind the scenes into a building of exceptional efficiency.  Every performance space, every rehearsal space, and every technical support space are also active teaching and learning spaces.  The performing arts are, by their nature, an experiment – and this building is their laboratory. CBT worked closely with Martin Vinik Planning for the Arts and Hong Kong-based LWK+Partners.

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