Analysis Group New York

Analysis Group New York’s new 35,000-square-foot office space introduces a serene work environment and urban oasis, located in the heart of Times Square’s colorful chaos. Upon arrival, an illuminated trellis ceiling welcomes entrants warmly with light wood walls and a terrazzo tile floor, establishing a light and airy atmosphere. A variety of light woods, reflective glass, porcelain terrazzo tile, neutral colors, and textures throughout the space bring to life a warm and peaceful retreat from buzzing urban surroundings. To encourage more foot traffic and socialization, the strategic location of the large café offers views to the Times Square side, capturing energy from the street below to inspire activity in designated social spaces.

Considering today’s requirements for 24/7 connection in addition to Analysis Group’s location on one of the busiest blocks in the world, it was especially important to incorporate wellness into the overall design and employee experience. Specifically, the design team identified six focus areas of wellness: emotional wellness, intellectual wellness, occupational wellness, physical wellness, social wellness, and spiritual wellness. Each area is represented through a variety of different workspaces throughout the office.

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