University of Massachusetts Lowell-Coburn Hall Renovation & Expansion



Design Award, Citation
Boston Society for Architecture
Outstanding Design Award — Renovation and Modernization
American School & University

One of the earliest buildings on campus, Coburn Hall has been a prominent school landmark since its construction in 1897. Having served a central role in the history and physical landscape of the university, there was a desire to restore this aging structure to better and higher use. In response to this unique opportunity, CBT designed the next Coburn Hall to be an innovative center for research, exploration, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

The project includes the comprehensive renovation of the existing 50,000-square-foot building and a contemporary 15,300-square-foot expansion. The building houses the university’s College of Education and Psychology Department. In addition to faculty offices, work rooms, event hall, and assorted labs and observation suites, the design also features innovative demo-spaces for education and psychology students to experiment with different presentation and communication strategies to stretch academic understanding of learning and teaching methodologies. 

Coburn Hall is a significant contributor to the university’s South Campus Quad, aligning with the adjacent College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health Sciences, and Graduate School of Education. A fresh reflection of the university’s goals and mission, Coburn Hall is a supportive new incubator for student success.

Click here to view a video flyover of the newly renovated Coburn Hall

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