Quantlab Financial



Seeking to attract talent from Boston’s tech community, this financial investment firm based out of Houston, Texas, sought to establish a local office with a start-up culture. In 6,600 plannable square feet, CBT was brought on to design a flexible and collaborative office space in a beloved piece of Boston’s built history. 

The Burnham Building, locally known as the flagship location of the department store Filene’s, is a historic Boston landmark and one of the last major works of architect Daniel Burnham. Recent renovations of the building have helped restore the prominence of its Downtown Crossing address and have attracted a new wave of retail and workplace tenants. Within this context, CBT worked with Quantlab Financial to create a supportive work environment that both supports the needs of a vibrant workforce and embraces the historic significance of its location. 

Emphasizing the raw and vintage aspects of the site, the design of this workplace incorporates exposed brick and terracotta walls, celebrating these features as meaningful focal points. Glass walls and dividers leverage visibility and transparency and open the space to broader sightlines. While the design incorporates some closed offices, the majority of workstations are open-office, and a centralized kitchen and café provide an active venue for social and communal gatherings. 

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