Rollins Square

Practice Area
Architecture Multifamily
Boston, MA

The project’s form and organization were derived from the South End’s traditional organization of buildings along public squares.

With a strong commitment to provide residential opportunities for families of all incomes, the Archdiocese of Boston developed Rollins Square as a model for a mixed-income community that combines market-rate, moderately-priced, and low-income housing in a high-quality condominium complex.

Designed as a grouping of six-story buildings and four-story townhouses, it fosters a sense of community while allowing for a range of diverse domestic environments that vary in size from one-bedroom apartments to three-bedroom duplexes. The buildings’ scale, massing, and materials were directly informed by three existing rowhouses that were located on the site and integrated with the new construction. Because the project is broken down into a series of smaller parts, Rollins Square harmonizes with the existing cityscape without overwhelming it.

The neighborhood architecture surrounding Rollins Square is reflected in the design with the predominant use of brick and contemporary interpretations of Boston’s bay windows combined with metal detailing and large glazed areas, reflecting the warehouse district architecture.

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