Private Residence Plum Island






Platinum Design Award for Best Custom Home,
Best in American Living Awards, 2015

There was little choice where this house could be placed. Its site was a small lot, squeezed between 2 other homes, looking out to the Atlantic Ocean. The entire house was designed to maximize the outstanding ocean views.

On the living floor, large glass doors and windows wrap around the corners of the house taking maximum advantage of the 180-degree scene. The floor of the kitchen, the rear portion of the living area space, is elevated to enable unobstructed views over the living area to the water beyond. Expansive glass and outdoor balconies on the upper floor further optimize the opportunities for enjoying the sea. At the top of the house, where vistas are above surrounding rooftops, a cupola retreat provides 360-degree panoramas with especially glorious western sunsets, a special get-a-way for family and friends.

For this house on a barrier island, so close to the water, respecting the existing landform was critical. The house is raised above the sand, elevated on piles, to enable wind to blow under and around the house forming protective sand dunes. These dunes help shelter the beach from erosion during tidal storms and are so critical that, for this house, the deck is shaped to defer to the contours of an adjacent dune.

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