Management Sciences for Health MSH




Gold Certified


Design emphasizes employee wellness and collaboration

When Management Sciences for Health began their search for a new location, they wanted to ensure that their new space would portray sustainability, collaboration, and overall health and wellness, some of the very same goals that they have incorporated into their work efforts worldwide. CBT’s solution grew from MSH’s mission driven culture.

LEED Gold Certified Building, constructed largely of recycled and eco-friendly materials. The open-office plan utilized the full value of the space provided. Natural light penetrated work areas by coming through the large glass partitions used to separate meeting spaces. A large wooden table and wooden panels accenting the walls of breakout spaces aesthetically reflect a theme of sustainability. The café serves and brings warmth to a multi-purpose space used for training, socializing and informal team collaboration, emphasizing communication amongst employees. The new space emphasizes employee wellness and collaboration.

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