Eco-Residences II


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Green Building Project of the Year
MENA Green Building Awards
Low- to Medium-Rise Residential Project Award (Future)
Cityscape Global

Drawing from the vision for Masdar City, CBT has developed new and highly sustainable residential district through careful consideration of program allocation, block and building scale, and public realm. Critical to the development is consideration of the site adjacencies, evolving developments around and market feasibility. With an emphasis on creating livable neighborhoods, residential, retail, parking and green spaces are carefully placed throughout the neighborhood to create a variety of destinations and experiences.

The development, completed in early 2020, comprises 100,840 square meters of development that provide 392 units of student housing, 354 units of corporate housing, 74 units of market rate housing, 10,120 square meters of office space, 6,700 square meters of retail and 1,534 parking spaces. Programmatically, the plan creates a new front door for the Masdar Institute of Technology and places new student residences and incubator office space close to the campus. 

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