Bright Horizons

Practice Area
Interior Design Office
Bright Horizons
Watertown, MA

CBT designed a complex eleven-phase renovation for Bright Horizons’ 70,000-square-foot corporate campus in Watertown, Massachusetts to create a more efficient and collegial workspace that reflects the company’s culture and forward-looking office planning concepts. The renovations will also provide space for future expansion as the company continues to succeed and grow. 

CBT provided interior design services from programming and site evaluation to design development, construction administration, and furniture selection. The end result is a new office environment that reflects and supports Bright Horizons’ culture and business goals.

Special features of the project include a space plan which maximizes daylight within the workplace; meeting space in close proximity to working groups for ease and efficiency of communication and workflow; and highly functional yet informal meeting space within social areas. The design aesthetic is consistent and supportive of Bright Horizon’s brand and culture of support, innovation and well-being.

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