Hotel Indigo








First Place, Hospitality/IIDA New England Interior Design Awards/2008

Completed on an aggressive five-month construction schedule to meet an opening date in the summer's busy season.

Located at a key transportation hub, the new hotel plays an integral role in transforming Newton's business corridor. The project reimages a 1965 Holiday Inn, transforming it from a two-star roadside motel into a four-star destination and business travel hotel. The dated facade, highly visible from the highway, was redesigned, receiving a full window replacement, new cornice, and a new exterior identity. Concrete elements on the building were painted with a unifying color to further enliven the exterior.

The interior theme expresses a hip urban sophistication that is also fully wired and linked to support both the overnight and the project-based business traveler. The design reinforces the brand’s mathematically derived theme — in overt and subtle ways — throughout the entire hotel. The proportions of the art and furnishings play with the equations. Use of triptych forms appears in niches in the lobby as well as in the symmetrical designs of the headboards. Dramatic photo images of nature and graphic use of backwards handwriting serves as unifying artistic elements in public spaces and in the rooms. The autumn/spring palette references the natural surroundings, often visible from the wide windows.

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