News | January 15th 2020

CBT Celebrates Wellness Month 2020

Balancing mental health and wellbeing with busy schedules can be challenging, even in the best of daily environments. As designers, we strive to practice what we preach in terms of wellness in the workplace, and as a result, we’ve dedicated the month of January as an annual opportunity to focus on the health and wellness of our internal staff.  

Now in its second year, CBT Wellness Month 2020 focuses on engaging strategies to manage stress and mental health through a variety of educational events, relaxing activities, and transformed office spaces. Painting, tea-brewing, yoga, meditation, and a communal herb garden offer a mental and physical break from the workday, while educational sessions covering topics such as financial health, nutrition, and the importance of sleep explore optimal practices and sustainable habits for developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Complementing these activities, notable office transformations – a permanently installed wellness room, Zen lounge, biophilia, soundproof booths for phone calls and impromptu meetings – suggest a new approach to productivity, prioritizing comfort, flexibility, and balance, as well as providing a variety of work environments.