Ideas | December 11th 2019

CBT Study No. 5: Designing for the New Culture

What does it mean to design physical spaces when the expectations for their use are changing faster than they can be built? We talked with innovators and leaders from many industries who offered thoughts about what people today need from their spaces, what they tend to avoid, and how groups survive and thrive due to successful spatial design.

The CBT-hosted roundtable discussion revealed a focus on the quality of people, relationships, and work; and how these three can be affected by responsive space design. From many perspectives, we hear what kinds of factors matter, will matter, and are now obsolete when we’re aiming for organizational and personal success. How are different sectors affected by the ways behaviors and the economy are evolving? What do designers need to understand in order to keep pace?

In this study, we examine some of the ways that technology, space, and people are interacting in ways that may be encouraging or hindering shared and individual work and study. Delve into this topic and download the latest installment of CBT Studies: Designing for the New Culture in an Era of Behavioral Fluidity.