Veson Nautical

Veson Nautical, a technology firm specializing in marine commerce, started modestly decades ago by establishing contracts among ship owners around the world. Today, Veson Nautical is the premier marine commerce platform combining buyers and sellers to propel the maritime industry forward. Though the firm was operating as a start-up-style company, they had achieved a level of success that allowed them to establish their flagship Boston location for future generations of developers and engineers. 

Seeking an original design vernacular in their new space, company leaders sought to create a workplace that would reflect and support their unique workforce and industry. They needed the right balance of focus space and group work areas, having identified that nearly 80% of their talent tends to be introverted. The new 25,000-square-foot space on Boston’s waterfront needed to be both highly collaborative while allowing employees to be as productive and happy as possible. Creative problem-solving is critical to Veson Nautical, yet too many disruptions can hinder progress for this tech-based marine commerce leader. How to balance unplanned opportunities for mentorship and learning with heads-down workspaces?

Today, with most employees working remotely and a client base that is largely (70%) based outside of the US, the design needed to be highly flexible and responsive to both internal and external cultural influences. The design developed by CBT reflects the “mature fun” vibe sought by Veson, a balance of tech and nautical influences, without leaning too far in either direction. Design components were implemented to help Veson’s engineers and developers to be productive and at ease in their new work environment while serving as a powerful recruiting tool. From their new home, Veson Nautical aims to demystify the shipping industry for top talent and to build a workforce that will continue to increase the firm’s impact on the global shipping economy through technology platforms.

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