Suffolk University-10 West Street Residence Hall

Practice Area
Suffolk University
Boston, MA



Honorable Mention for Design Excellence, Multi-Housing News Awards, 2010

Interiors Showcase Award, American School & University Magazine

Looking to the City of Boston, Suffolk University sought to identify mutually beneficial property development opportunities that would help the school reach their goal of housing half of their student population. Suffolk University is located in a dense historic district in downtown Boston making it difficult for the university to offer student housing as the school has continued to grow. After acquiring 10 West Street, which was comprised of two adjacent properties and 85% completed as one-bed condominiums, the University commissioned CBT to renovate the building into a residence for 270 students.

The one-bedroom units were converted into a variety of suite-style apartments that house three-to-six students per suite. The suites are designed with sliding doors that open into shared living rooms providing a simultaneous sense of community and individual privacy. Former retail space on the first and second floor was converted into a central lobby with mail services, common student spaces and study rooms with an open floor plan and interconnected stair which helps foster interaction in the building. Ground floor spaces are designated for retail uses contributing to the character of this important shopping district.

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