Shawmut Design + Construction Headquarters

The headquarters for this 30-year-old construction company is in a classic brick and beam warehouse, a space that had not been updated in some time and did not reflect the working processes of its staff. With concern that the old space would be difficult to reimagine, CBT was brought on board early to help orchestrate honest dialogues regarding space use, working styles, and brand identity. After undergoing a deep dive into the working culture and collaborative balance of this group, CBT designed a highly tailored and responsive work environment that has redefined the experience of working at Shawmut.

One of Shawmut’s core values is “find a better way,” which became the project team’s mantra throughout the project. CBT found a better way to express Shawmut’s philosophy of honesty in construction: they wanted honest materials, without concealments or design techniques that other clients may prefer. The Shawmut brand was expressed through straightforward materials and construction. They felt at home with the honesty of the built environment around them. 

The final design creates opportunities for collaboration throughout the overall space, based around the early understanding that a successful project for Shawmut is one where the teams work together from beginning to end. The new headquarters design reflects the steadfastness of Shawmut’s values; the changing nature of their work as a tech-based construction company; and it promotes greater collaboration to best leverage a team-based approach to projects. Technology throughout the office allows for freedom in workstyle, and untethered mobility for everyone.

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