Andover School of Montessori

CBT worked with the Andover School of Montessori (ASM), a pre-K through Grade 8 school, to create a master plan that achieved the goals of its strategic plan.  ASM’s strategic plan focuses on developing its students to reach their full potential by creating an environment that can help foster talent and promote excellence in academia.

The school’s facilities were falling short of their strategic goals and so the following spaces were defined as the number one priority for development and renovation: a project-based learning STEM lab, an expanded middle school to promote growth of the school, additional kindergarten classrooms, which are the heart of life at ASM, and re-configured and expanded shared school spaces such as the library, art room, and music room.

CBT then designed and implemented, with help of the school’s planning committee, a Phase 1 addition and renovation construction project that addressed both the admissions needs of the school as well as created new or renovated space per each area of the strategic plan. The Phase 1 construction project, which will be completed in the summer of 2020, will allow ASM to incorporate the different teaching methodologies and tools that will support individualized learning per the Montessori philosophy, all while keeping the school’s limited budget at the forefront of design decisions.

CBT also assisted ASM in the presentation of the school’s projects at Town meetings, community gatherings, and to the conservation committee in Andover, proving ASM’s commitment to sustainability and its sensitivity to building in the wetlands.

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