10 Farnsworth

Located in the heart of Boston’s Fort Point Channel Landmark district, CBT’s design of 10 Farnsworth emerged from the desire to create a building that both acknowledges the neighborhood’s industrial past and celebrates its modern identity. The result is a six-story, 30,000-square-foot residential building that marries traditional building form with contemporary material expression, resulting in an elegant addition to one of Boston’s most historic districts. The design completes the streetscape with ground-level retail wrapping the corner of the block and a 40-foot long original art wall, created by a local artist.

The residence offers eight loft-style condominium units, and one penthouse unit in place of a former parking lot. Dedicated tenant amenities include a roof deck for the eight condo units, private roof deck for the penthouse unit, and parking. The eight three-bedroom condos are approximately 2,500 square feet each, and the three-bedroom penthouse unit is double that size. 

Although 10 Farnsworth sits adjacent to 19th and 20th century industrial buildings, it does not try to mimic any particular style. Rather, the glassy façade and the industrial-inspired structure create contrast with an airy, modern sensibility. Horizontal metal members serve as reference points to cornice lines and architectural details of nearby buildings, while the use of glass instills a sense of lightness and an understated elegance. The charcoal-grey material palette recedes against the surrounding masonry structures, and creates interest with highlights of color that reference rich shades of material found in historic industrial lofts. 

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