News, Ideas | March 21st 2021

The Women of CBT

In honor of Women’s History Month, CBT unveils our 2021 Women in Design exhibit, The Women of CBT at our 110 Canal Street office in Boston. An authentic and personal chronicle of accomplishments and points of inflection, this display tells the collective story of the inspirations, contributions, sacrifices, and strength of the women of CBT. 

The exhibit is comprised of a series of panels which feature the personal and professional experiences of our female colleagues. CBT women designers and employees were asked to highlight twelve significant points of inflection throughout their lives, ranging from early interests and influences to formal education, mentors, professional experiences, and personal relationships. Each timeline showcases its own unique color value which, when viewed together as a complete display, forms a gradient to represent the unique individuality of each member as well as the unifying passion for design which brings together this inspiring group of CBTers.

3D Rendered Overview of Women in Design Display Window-facing perspective of Women in Design Display Monitor wall facing perspective of Women in Design Display Closeup of individual Women in Design banners