News | June 18th 2018

Kishore Varanasi joins Van Alen Institute's Climate Council

CBT is proud to announce that Kishore Varanasi, CBT Principal and Director of Urban Design, has joined as a founding member of Van Alen Institute’s new Climate Council. 

Introduced on June 6, 2018, this new initiative will explore critical climate-related issues and inspire change-making design projects to improve the environment and promote healthy communities. 

Kishore will join forces with a team of experts and specialists from a variety of fields whose purpose is to delve deeper into issues of climate change and to circulate research and reflections in an effort to establish a common language of resiliency across disciplines and produce strategic and impactful responses to our changing climate. 

“Addressing climate change is an issue of increasing priority in today’s world,” says Kishore, “and one that requires developing a careful and strategic understanding. I am both honored and excited to be joining this team of extraordinary professionals to investigate firsthand a diversity of impacts and propagate responsive, responsible strategies.” 

In July 2018, the founding members of the Council will embark on their first investigative trip to Sacramento and California’s Central Valley. There, they will collaborate with local experts and academics to explore the future of food and the impact of design on the movement of food across communities, regions, and the globe. 

Climate Council Founding Members (list in formation):
Mark Johnson, Climate Council Co-Chair, President, Civitas
Claire Weisz, Climate Council Co-Chair, Principal-in-Charge, WXY Studio
Kishore Varanasi, Director of Urban Design, CBT
S. Bry Sarté, Founder, Sherwood Design Engineers
Steven Baumgartner, Principal, Urban Systems/Infrastructure Strategy, SmithGroupJJR
Gary Sorge, Vice President, Director of Landscape Architecture, Stantec
Chris Reed, Founding Director, Stoss Landscape Urbanism
Alison Sant, Co-Founder, Studio for Urban Projects
Erik Verboon, Principal, Managing Director, Walter P Moore

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