Ideas | May 3rd 2018

CBT's Pop-Up Lobby Art!

CBT has unveiled a new pop-up art installation at our 110 Canal Street office in Boston. Following an unfortunate burst pipe that resulted in the loss of our lobby's A/V equipment, ceiling, and walls, we have been living with a raw space as we work out the plans for permanent new construction. Thanks to the motivation and ingenuity of a few of CBT's own creatives - not to mention the help of a scissor lift - we now have a fantastic, temporary, experiential piece of 3D installation art in our main building lobby. As interesting at night as during the day, the installation consists of 2,000+ individually cut ribbons of green flagging tape that were manually hooked to the ceiling over the course of a few days and nights. The result is this surprising and multi-dimensional space, complemented by suspended WiFi LED bulbs that change color and luminosity over the course of the day. As the artists' statement says, the piece "reacts to its surroundings, transforming into an immersive experience that surrounds the visitor in motion, light, and whimsy."