Ideas | September 1st 2023

When a Small Medium Leads to Big Ideas

Using familiar building blocks, the designers at CBT engaged in a wildly fun and exploratory exercise that shows how we think about the future of malls. Once serving as grand-scale altars to the retail industry, many of these large shopping centers are in dire need of new ideas for a rapidly-changing culture and society. The full-length stop-motion clip was produced here in-house as a showcase of how we think out of the [Lego] box, what residents and owners can glean from this precious real estate, and how designers can be the linchpin to solving the ever-pressing question: "What do we do next?" 

See how art galleries, co-working, seasonal pop-ups, affordable housing, green rooftops, and medical resources (and the list goes on!) could all be part of malls' next generation in our communities.

Check out our video to join our exploration, and continue the conversation with us!