News, Ideas | March 4th 2020

CBT Celebrates Women's History Month

This month, our firm of architects, designers, planners, researchers, and creative professionals enthusiastically celebrates the contributions of women to history and contemporary society. The importance of women in and beyond our industry has shaped a reality where creative expression can be a vehicle for some of our most important collective discoveries and social movements. 

As proud members of the Women in Design community, we seek to connect and elevate women within the design world, certainly emphasizing those here at CBT. The exhibit currently in our lobby is an authentic and personal chronicle of accomplishments and points of inflection through the lives of the women of CBT. From early life through today, each person has offered a blend of formative life experiences that have led to their current place in the world of design. 

Throughout the month, we will feature themed panel discussions, workshops and women-owned business trade shows (listed below). Our goal is to bring together female leaders and bright minds that inspire through their ideas on a wide range of subjects. 

Women in Commercial Development
Kimberly Sherman Stamler, President, Related Beal

The Value of Design
Helena Rong, Research Associate, MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab

Championing Our Own
Margaret Deutsch, CFO & Principal, CBT
Elizabeth Bradley, Designer, CBT
Kara Natario, Senior Associate, CBT
Laura Soria, Designer, CBT

Equitable Community Development
Katie Swenson, Senior Principal MASS Design Group
Angie Liou, Executive Director, Asian Community Development Corporation
Courtney Sharpe, Director of Cultural Planning , BPDA

Vendor Fair
Women-designed products and/or from women-owned businesses

Game-Changing Women Bringing People Together
Martha McCarthy, Lead Counsel in the freedom to marry litigation in Canada and quarterbacked a national strategy that resulted in the first court decision in the world calling for full and equal marriage for same-sex couples
Linda Henry, Managing Director of the Boston Globe and Co-Founder of Hubweek