Confidential Private Investment Firm

Practice Area
Interior Design Office Financial
Boston, MA

When this private investment firm relocated their offices, they sought to create a bright and airy environment that would emphasize the space's spectacular city views, infuse the space with light, and create a peaceful atmosphere to bring balance to their fast-paced working environment. 

The reception area features carefully selected furniture that amplifies and emphasizes the architectural quality of the space. Oversized, angular pieces are paired with subtly textured patterns to provide a depth and presence within the expansive space. Adjacent to reception are the executive boardroom and conference room. These spaces enjoy expansive views of the Charles River and beyond, maximizing transparency, light, and views upon entry.  Full-height switch glass provides privacy when needed. 

The monumental stair is the visual and physical core of the space. Double-height wood paneling and mirrored glass framing draw the eye further upward and heighten the space, creating an elegant centerpiece. A sculptural light fixture hangs above the stair, complementing the grandeur of the space. Patina mirrored panels, white lacquer, black painted glass, and polished silver travertine add another layer of reflectivity, while lush materials and leather-wrapped panels complete the design.