Prospect Hill Academy Charter School

Prospect Hill Academy Charter School is one of the oldest and largest Massachusetts charter schools. PHACS is located in Somerville and Cambridge, and serves nearly 1,200 students in grades K to 12 from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. CBT and Prospect Hill Academy have a relationship that extends beyond a decade; one that includes CBT’s active support of the school’s mission through the design and construction of updated facilities and technologies for all grade levels. All interventions have been renovations on a variety of levels – some strategic and limited and others “gut” renovations transforming traditional, double-loaded corridor arrangements into vibrant, light-filled, universally accessible spaces that enable student, faculty, and administration collaboration.

In addition, CBT’s staff, architects, and interior designers have hosted the school’s fifth-graders for the last seven years to mentor and to discuss careers in the design field.

As a Chapter 149 procurement project, CBT developed drawings and administrated the construction which resulted in below forecasted final construction costs, enabling the School to invest saved assets into other student and faculty initiatives.

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