Jabal Al Kaaba Master Plan

The master plan and design strive to create generous connections between two major zones, encouraging pedestrian movement through the site while minimizing infrastructure investment. Attempting to balance the need for density with a human scale, strong connections between outside and the inside spaces are emphasized. The planning and three-dimensional organization focuses on simplicity and flexibility, comprising six different buildings arranged around an independent circulation armature.

The creation of great urban rooms akin to the bazaars in the region is the heart of the concept. The spaces are integrated both visually and physically at various levels of the podium to create a vibrant atmosphere. Shaded space is seamlessly connected at multiple levels to surrounding context and between the two zones across the ring road. A canopy over the podium will provide a sense of containment and human scale and allow cooling through shade and directed breezes. The architectural expression is inspired by the local building vernacular and culture to establish an authentic design aesthetic.

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