Hubweek 2016 Housing the Hub

With the goals of establishing and strengthening CBT's relationships with civic and community organizations; advancing CBT's research initiative in innovative housing concepts; and engaging the general public in Boston’s planning processes, CBT launched Housing the Hub, a rigorous multi-month research, curation, and design initiative that debuted at Boston’s annual HUBweek innovation festival.

The exhibit was comprised of five custom-designed and fabricated pavilions that were installed in the center of the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway, Boston's signature 17-acre linear public park. Housing the Hub presented five thought-provoking ideas to address issues of housing access, equality, and sustainability through design. The exhibit drew thousands of visitors to attend daily seminars, participate in meaningful dialogue, and experience alternative housing scenarios through augmented and virtual reality tools.

Alongside the substantial curation and production efforts, CBT developed a multi-tactic, strategic campaign to maximize the impact of the exhibit, capitalize on media opportunities, and realize the civic-oriented goals of the firm. The success of the initiative was underscored by additional exhibition opportunities around the city and an ongoing dialogue about how to reimagine affordable housing in and beyond our city. 

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