The Governers Academy-Phillips Hall


Dining Spaces


Phillips Hall is located in the central campus core.

To solve efficiency and capacity issues, CBT’s design located all servery stations in the new addition and expanded seating in Jacobs Dining Hall to create unencumbered access through the renovated space. The design also allowed for the new kitchen and servery to be built without impacting operations during construction. Additional storage is provided in spaces vacated by the existing kitchen.

Phillips Hall, located in the central campus core provides dining for 390 day and boarding students at the Governor’s Academy. The dining hall’s original Jacob Dining Room gradually became overcrowded and a portion of the space was used to provide additional servery stations in response to increased demand for a diversity of food options. The kitchen and storage areas contained outdated equipment and the flow of food preparation to serve a greater number of meals was severely impacted resulting in an inefficient work environment.

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