Ideas | October 12th 2020

The Unanticipated Future of Multifamily Design

We all know that the world turned upside down in early 2020. People left their offices and went home, and for many, home is in a shared multi-unit building. These spaces, which CBT designs as a major component of our practice, are faced with the immediate need to evolve in the face of our new reality. We interviewed many of our industry colleagues and longtime clients in the multifamily development world to understand what they are looking for, thinking about, and foresee as permanent changes to the way these projects are designed.

Our research and informed design predictions are now published in this new presentation.

The many design considerations within each concept are identified on a timeline looking at three phases: Happening Now (the immediate reaction, which is our current reality); Until the Vaccine (near-term, and may be temporary or may remain); and Sociological Changes (which are the permanent, long-term changes in the way we live as a society).