Ideas | June 16th 2020

Returning To Your Office

We know that your business isn’t like everyone else’s. We can help you develop and implement your unique return-to-the-office solution. Below are some examples of the considerations that each company will need to take into account when designing their own return-to-the-office strategy (Click here for an abbreviated version):


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Define the needs and mission of your specific business

Learn how your staff works, and what their daily needs are – for example, are there specific teams who thrive by collaboration, while other staff require more focused individual work?

Identify your specific concerns

  • Understand what your staff cares about and what is unique about your culture and ways of working.
  • Consider implementing a survey or other interactive methods to take the pulse of staff.

Review your national, state, and local requirements

We can help you develop a custom checklist to understand the steps you will need to take to meet the blend of requirements.

Work with your Operations and HR staff to understand logistical challenges

  • Does your operations team have specific needs in order to efficiently run the office (mail deliveries, food service, etc.)?
  • Have you coordinated with your landlord to understand the steps they’ve taken to meet new guidelines (building systems, etc.)?
  • Has your landlord provided you with expected protocols for returning employees?


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Create a back-to-the-office strategy

Our comprehensive approach will guide your return and allow you to give your staff the confidence that you are providing them a safe working environment.

Develop graphic plans to illustrate the new “day-in-the-life” for your staff

You want to send a clear message to your staff that you have assessed multiple scenarios and addressed their concerns. These new protocols could include things like new entry procedures, directional corridors, and use of shared resources (kitchens, storage rooms, copier use, etc.).

Design physical changes to current space to support safety and well-being

Our team will create achievable and cost-effective solutions that take into account the different phases of your return plan, including touchless technology, air filtration, and sanitization.

Produce custom signage to support new protocols

Our environmental graphic designers can create signage that supports and reinforces the new behaviors at the office. These signage and graphics will integrate with your existing space and identity, but will clearly help to guide safe behaviors.


A drawing of three people wearing safety gear consulting blueprints

Coordinate with construction and furniture partners to assist in execution

We will connect you with the right partners to implement the best solution for you, quickly and efficiently. These partners will be able to safely make the modifications to your space on your specific schedule for returning.

Participate in all-staff training webinars

Your staff will need to be armed with information and guidance about this new normal at the office, and we can help shape the message for your valued staff.

Review and adjust as needed post-implementation

Once you’ve returned to your office, we can work with you to get employee feedback and continue into the next phases of your return. If there are changes in national, state, or local guidelines, we can help you modify your strategy into the future as the needs evolve.


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