Ideas | January 7th 2019

"The '50 Feet' Design Concept: Productivity within Arm's Reach," CBT's Dave Madson in Work Design Magazine

Modern workplace design continues to be shaped by debate on the merits of traditional workplace design and the open office concept as drivers to improve productivity, connectivity, and employee wellbeing. Dave Madson, CBT Principal and Director of Workplace, brings a fresh perspective to the discussion in his latest byline with Work Design Magazine, offering that “while the pendulum continues to swing, how design stands to leverage what matters most in the workplace is much more complex than the partitioning of space.” 

In “The ’50 Feet’ Design Concept: Productivity Within Arm's Reach,” Dave shares how thoughtful design and the centralization of resources can improve efficiency, wellness and connectivity among employees. 

Read the full article here in Work Design Magazine.