News | November 17th 2022

Alani and Madson Named Senior Principals

It’s easy to celebrate colleagues who inspire us. It’s awesome to see them recognized for their leadership, dedication, and talent!

We proudly announce the promotion of Dave Madson, Director of Workplace, and R. Vickie Alani, Architect and Interior Designer, to Senior Principals.

These two powerhouses of leadership are recognized for their immense impact within CBT and with their design teams, but also for their inspiring contributions to the field as both expert designers and prominent voices within the industry. Over the course of their tenure at CBT they have contributed greatly to the expansion and growth of our workplace and multifamily design practices while advancing both the firm’s growing international renown and local community involvement. 

Dave Madson has been with CBT since 1997, and in the 25 following years, he has played a key role in the expansion of our Workplace Design Group, shepherding the practice’s substantial growth and leading to his elevation to Director of Workplace in 2019. His expertise ranges from innovative and corporate office spaces and cultural buildings, to commercial projects and design for non-profits and start-up organizations. Dave thrives as a communicative leader, with unmatched creative energy and a leadership style that fosters collaboration and innovation. His work is focused on creating high-performance environments and encourage efficient and pleasant work by prioritizing employee health and wellness alongside equitable design. A facile communicator and engaged leader, Dave offers insight and direction that continue to enrich CBT’s internal design processes and elevate design projects to new levels of success. 

Vickie Alani joined CBT in 2016, and has been nationally and internationally recognized for her artistic, community-oriented, and forward-looking approach to architecture and interior design. An expert in multi-family residential and hospitality design, Vickie’s work wholly embraces the fluidity and interconnectivity with which people live today. Regarded for her forward-thinking and lifestyle expertise, she is a frequent contributor to the larger discourse on changing residential trends and how to design for an evolving culture in today’s world. Augmenting Vickie’s work is her passion for mentorship and cross-disciplinary collaboration, evident in the remarkable growth and development of CBT’s multifamily practice and her continuous commitment to local initiatives, especially those which elevate women in design. She is an internationally-sought speaker in and beyond the design industry, and is a frequent contributor to industry publications, sites, and centers of thought leadership. 

Congratulations, Vickie and Dave!