USPS Master Plan



The urban design plan links disparate mixed use zones, both physically and programmatically, to create a significant new development. Located in downtown Boston, the 16-acre prime property will be transformed into a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood. Situated between the downtown finance/residential district, the South Boston arts/ convention/residential district, the emerging Broadway mixed-use district, Chinatown, and the South Bay mixed-use districts, the proposed development will link these disparate pieces to release inherent synergies. Harnessing the energy at this intersection will require overcoming several geographic and physical disconnects as well as the potential expansion of South Station.

The master plan proposes to intensify the site’s appeal by supplementing core development program elements with exciting public realm and sustainable components. Its proximity to South Station, a key transit hub in New England, frontage on Fort Point Channel, and the intersection of interstate highways 90 and 93, make this a highly attractive and accessible site in the region and the city.

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