Sheshan Villas

The Zhongkai Sheshan Villas is a gated community of 80 contemporary homes located near bucolic Sheshan Mountain, approximately 45 minutes southwest of downtown Shanghai. The site was master planned with an encircling wall, entry gate, guesthouse, clubhouse, and a unifying network of canals that provide a water element for each villa and neighborhood. In balancing new forms with familiar materials, this suburban neighborhood development with a classic approach to landscape, achieves a timeless quality and sense of permanence that appeals to China’s newly rising business class.

CBT designed 12 homes for this development. Each creates zones for multi-generational living, service quarters, an enclosed Chinese kitchen, and a western style entertaining kitchen within a largely open floor plan with careful consideration to the principals of feng shui. Local materials such as concrete, stucco, and tile are combined with glass, metal, and accents of wood to create a distinctly Chinese sensibility.

A special focus was placed on developing a rich relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces. Each residence has a walled courtyard-style garden that incorporates a variety of traditional elements such as ponds, waterfalls, bridges, rocks, and bamboo.

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