Shaw's Market





The project is part of the 20-year Prudential Center Redevelopment and is a key element in the success of this well established residential mixed use neighborhood. At the main street corner, a cylindrical glass rotunda announces the market’s entry. By marking the intersection of the South End and Back Bay street grids, this dramatic vertical element adds flair to a once undistinguished stretch of Huntington Avenue.

On the main façade of the building, bay windows look into the retail area. Biscuit-colored concrete walls with robustly detailed pilasters surround these large windows, harmonizing with the stone and concrete buildings in the area. Additional depth is added to the façade in the form of a metal trellis with strong horizontal fins. These fins culminate in the corner rotunda, where they form a delicate lattice creating shade and shadow, color and light.

To conceal the market’s rooftop mechanical system and provide a pleasant view for residents of the adjacent apartment building, landscape architects Halvorson Design Partnership worked in collaboration to design a green roof.

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