New Balance Office




Corporate Refresh


Unique Feature Wall

The design unifies and refreshes the public and amenity spaces in a multi-tenant office building by using complementary materials and lighting in a new ground floor lobby, updated cafeteria, and new community meeting spaces for the New Balance headquarters offices.

At the ground level, a mixture of dark brown woods and clean white accent textiles create a modern, inviting entryway for employees and visitors. Along with these warm tones, back-lit LED wall strips provide a burst of bold color to an otherwise modern but reserved interior palette.

The cafeteria, located on the second floor, is a flexible space that provides an opportunity for employees to grab a lunch on the go or gather with co-workers for a sit down meal. The cafeteria color palette shares the warm browns and white textiles with the lobby, creating visual and experiential continuity to form spaces that are more functional and provide a cohesive identity.

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