Millennium Pharmaceuticals Cafe


SF Renovation


Sepele wood for the millwork, sustainable cork flooring

Next Gen Design

Unique use of materials

Embrace a challenge

Flexible seating leading to

The new Millennium Café is a dynamic place which promotes social interactivity within the company.

Millennium Pharmaceuticals sought to change the image of their café, and, as part of the renovation project, CBT created a flexible environment in support of breakfast, lunch and late afternoon coffee. This dynamic place invites employees to gather and socialize as part of their team and company events.

The café space now accommodates a complex mix of audio-visual equipment as well as dynamic lighting controls. Large shifts included reorganizing the salad bar and point of sale locations as well as the grab-n-go to create better flow and allow the operations team to better run those areas effectively.

The curved ‘Wild Agate’ countertop is a rare blue stone that resembles cross-sections of tree trunks. It serves as the salad bar counter during the day, but is quickly converted to the bar for lively evening events. At the center of the servery is the “Tree of Light”.

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