BOCA Corporate Headquarters and Campus

In 1972, Marcel Breuer created a 225 acre, one-million-square-foot research and office facility for IBM crafted from expressive vertical and horizontal precast sunshades. The classic pinwheel plan, which centers on a reflecting pool, was transformed over time into a multi-tenant office building, unfortunately known locally as “the bunker.”

The strength of Breuer’s work suggested a delicate, more transparent vocabulary when CBT began upgrading the exterior entries and interior public spaces. A new glassy entry pavilion connects the two ends of the pre-cast building and forms a memorable new addition to this very solid structure. Other entries include glass walls with glass and stainless steel canopies to contrast with Breuer’s bold forms. Internally, conference spaces, a café, and a multi-tenant atrium transform 1970s brutalist interiors into pensive zen-like spaces with a sense of light and expansive space.

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