100 High Street

Originally called 150 Federal, this 1980’s glass tower never had its own entrance. The lobby space was shared and located in an arcade that connected Federal and High Streets, with no more than a typical security desk to greet visitors and tenants.

Once the building retained its own address, CBT designed a new double-height lobby by consolidating space on the first floor and removing a portion of the second level office space. The entry is reconfigured to give the lobby on High Street a grand, curved glass wall that takes its cue from the building’s shape above. In addition to the mullion-less glass system, the building’s original pink granite is replaced with flamed, black Cambrian granite.  

The new 29-foot ceiling and structural glass curtain wall gives the lobby an open, airy feeling. Behind the security desk, accents of honey-tone Curapixa wood and black bamboo trees soften and give warmth to the entry. A central furniture grouping doubles as sculpture and helps to define the space, while activating the quiet, white Calacatta marble floor. The elevator banks are surrounded by the same Curapixa wood used on the entry wall and extends into the 14 renovated elevator cabs with each cab complemented by a patterned stainless-steel panel.

The building’s exterior planting and granite plaza has energized High Street and confirmed its newest address as a signature location in Boston’s central business district.

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