Curry College-Student Center








New student center serves as a hub of activity for entire campus.

Driven by a need to accommodate Curry’s expanded residence life and campus community initiatives, CBT’s design connected the academic and residential aspects of the college and now serves as a hub of activity for the entire campus community. The new student center brings a broad range of student activities that were formerly dispersed across campus and places them under one roof.

CBT provided site planning and design for this three-story structure that responds to the natural flow of student traffic, optimizes views over the campus green, and protects an existing wetland. Reflecting the residential character of the school and respecting the adjacent historic residential neighborhood, the building is clad in brick with stone accents and features pitched roofs and double hung windows. A large gymnasium was designed below grade to create the impression of a one story facility, minimizing the building’s overall mass. Sustainable design elements include natural daylighting, use of low flow toilets and fixtures, energy efficient building envelope, and the use of high efficiency HVAC systems.

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