Ideas | January 11th 2016

Sticking to the Recipe: A Unique Look at the Antonucci Science Complex at Fitchburg State University

Since its completion, the Antonucci Science Complex at Fitchburg State University has been home to hundreds of new course selections in expanded science programs serving the school's 6,800 students. The number of science-related degrees awarded has increased by 39% and FSU had referred to their “golden era for the sciences"  

Here, CBT looks at the "recipe" that led to the success of a new kind of science building for FSU. Rich with collaboration and touchdown spaces, unobstructed views and access to daylight by all, the building brings scientific instruction out of the depths and puts science truly on display. CBT undertook the design of this project in response to rapidly expanding science program enrollment within the existing campus fabric, and welcomed the challenge to create a game-changing instructional building at a Fitchburg State. In this piece, we offer a nontraditional look at the ingredients that made it all come together. 

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