Ideas | February 1st 2018

Immersive Visualization Takes the Stage

CBT’s Digital Practice is constantly expanding its areas of expertise, ever adding more powerful tools and increasing our understanding of how design and visualization can benefit from one another. In a recent article on, CBT principal David Nagahiro discussed the ways that virtual and augmented reality strengthen the architectural design process and are becoming an inextricable facet of how we work. With a passionate and talented group of digital technologists, we are exploring some very interesting developments in our design practice. We partner with technology giants and industry leaders in the field of VR/AR to beta-test new products, push the limits of visualization technology, and we involve our clients in the application of some of the most advanced techniques out there for optimal results and a well-oiled and efficient design process. In November 2017, we joined several industry peers to provide a live demonstration and exploration of the use of VR on the floor of Boston’s famed ABX conference (Architecture Boston Expo; formerly BuildBoston). "Why Virtual and Augmented Design Tools Are Here to Stay"
ABX 2017: Design Technology Throwdown 2017