News | April 10th 2018

Haril Pandya Elevated to FAIA

CBT is proud to announce that Haril Pandya has been elevated to the American Institute of Architects’ College of Fellows, a singular distinction for outstanding success as a practice leader and contributor to the profession of architecture as a whole.

Leveraging national media and driven by passionate leadership, Haril has built a repositioning practice and given rise to new, sustainable preservation approaches to forgotten buildings. As an honoree in the category of Practice, which recognizes those leaders who “advance the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of architectural education, training, and practice,” Haril has propelled this type of architecture to new heights.

Since the creation of his practice group more than a decade ago, Haril has pioneered a dialogue and fresh perspective on the matter of revitalization and evolution of our older and underperforming buildings. By unlocking the value of these buildings and leveraging and celebrating their history, location, and architectural features, Haril has created a new, robust national narrative that motivates building owners to reposition their architectural assets when the pressure to replace them threatens to prevail. What began as a clever way to generate new business in a depressed economy has become a sought-after and unique expertise for the firm and profession, giving rise to tools, employment, and innovation in the design practice.

CBT congratulates Haril on a resounding career achievement! Haril will be honored at an investiture ceremony at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral on June 22, 2018 during the 2018 AIA National Conference (A'18) in New York City.