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Waterfront at Pitts Bay
Hamilton, Bermuda
4 acres
Office, retail, health club, parking, housing, marina

This project includes 250,000 square feet of office space; 30,000 square feet of retail space including an 11,000 square foot supermarket, health club, pharmacy and bank; 50,000 square feet of parking; 75,000 square feet of residential villas (phase 2); and a 60 boat marina.

The four-acre site is located on the south side of Pitt’s Bay Road and is urban in character and defined by a mixture of land uses, including commercial, residential and Hamilton’s largest hotel, the Princess. The site offers expansive views of the lush Bermudian landscape and enjoys 355 feet of waterfront on Hamilton Harbor.

Designed by CBT, the development is sensitive to Bermuda’s history and culture with properly scaled buildings that compliment its neighbors and contribute to the classic urban appeal of Hamilton as well as to the timeless charm of the waterfront and resort community. The success of the project has stimulated other mixed-use developments, which have emulated the classic historical style and organization of this project.