News | January 15th 2018

CBT Congratulates New Associates and Senior Associates

CBT is pleased to announce the appointment of 22 new Associates and 13 new Senior Associates! These promotions recognize key individuals who have made noteworthy contributions to the growth and success of the firm and will act as leaders for its future.

The new Associates are: Christos Bairaktaris, Darian Burch, Nick Caraviello, Jessica Fleury, Allison Frost, Annmarie Gasperini, Lauren Gauthier, Hankyu Kim, Jeff Knapke, James Kwan, Tyler Lombardi, Monica Mattingly, Kait McKenna, Taylor Merten, Chris Nappi, Joe Pucci, Jen Raichek, Shonali Rajani, Anna Reiderman-Hickey, Dan Ricardelli, Stephen Walnut, and Zoe Wang.

The new Senior Associates are: Robin Adams, Lonnie Ash, Theodora Batchvarova, Jim Burke, Mark Chase, Stefanie Comeau, Aditya Desmukh, Joanna Morlot, Tim Nistler, Will Paquette, Devanshi Purohit, Li Wang, Rachel Welensky.

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